Scatology, Form and Meaning in the Novels of Alex La Guma and Biyi Bandele-Thomas

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Catalonia’s beloved scatological Christmas custom

A man and woman use a redeveloped clyster for scatological, intoxicating purposes? Coloured etching by P. Maleuvre after G.

Assessment of bias in morphological identification of carnivore scats confirmed with molecular scatology in north-eastern Himalayan region of.

Brook Wilson. Chaucer’s use of scatology throughout the Canterbury Tales offers a new frontier for Chaucerian research. To this date, no book-length work dealing exclusively with the scatological elements found in his works exists. Too often, the serious and artistic effects of scatology become lost in the great comedy the device generates.

Furthermore, many readers and scholars seem to find themselves somewhat “squaymous” when confronted with the “nether ye” of Chaucer. While Chaucer employs scatology perhaps less frequently than Swift or Rabelais, his mastery of this device remains unquestionable. Recognizing that the uses for scatology extend far beyond creating humor, Chaucer instead proves that the effects achieved with this device are multidimensional.

This study focuses upon three tales quite heterogeneous in nature: the Summoner’s Tale, the Miller’s Tale, and the Prioress’ Tale. Though different in many respects, these tales contain scatological elements that effectively show the range with which Chaucer used scatology. In the Summoner’s Tale and the Miller’s Tale, Chaucer develops both the characters and the plot around the scatological scenes. He also employs scatology to emphasize the theme of just rewards. In doing so, he relies heavily upon biblical parallels that satirize the characters’ hypocrisy.

In the Summoner’s Tale, Friar John loses sight of his spiritual goals and seeks wealth and social prominence. He boasts of his order’s association with the Holy Ghost and neglects the symbolic body of Christ, His people.

Ewwy Gooey Scatology

Related to scatologist: scatological , Scatalogical. The study of fecal excrement, as in medicine, paleontology, or biology. Also called coprology.

Between two stools: Scatology and its representations in English literature, Chaucer to Swift. Peter J. Smith. Copyright Date: Published by: Manchester​.

Hide Notice. To follow on the track of fish, birds, or any other animals, might be both discovery and repetition, because it might mean to go exhaustively into the nature of being alive. The coyotes are here. Murphy keeps his nose close to the ground as we walk. I never thought of using my dog as my own personal scat detector until I read an article about a researcher in New York State who trained her Labrador retriever to seek out scat and sit beside those droppings left only by coyotes.

It sounded like a good idea, so I watched Murphy closely, and sure enough, the first day he walked off the trail to pinpoint three deposits in the dry leaves I would have passed right by. I even took to carrying treats in my pocket so I could reward him each time we came upon these signs. Because each deposit is like a book waiting to be read. Scatology is a little like going through the garbage cans lined up on the street on pickup day.

The first time Murphy led me to a deposit of scat I picked up a twig and poked through what he had found. Four inches long, the scat was pinched at one end. First thing I noticed was that my defecating neighbor had been feasting on late-season persimmons.

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Themes: Scatology – 3 Date between and Imprint: Printed and [s]​old by J. Evans, 41, Date between and Imprint: Howard.

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Christina Black: Between Two Stools: Scatology and its Representations in Very few literary scholars to date have had the guts (or stomach) to commit to a.

Scatology, or scatalogia, refers to a variety of related topics focused on literal or metaphorical defecation; the study of the act of defecation or of feces; an obsession with defecation or feces also known as coprophilia ; literary or artistic discussions of defecation; the use of obscene language or dirty talk. In each of these practices or conditions, defecation figures as a primary factor in human existence. There are numerous terms for the products of defecation, both proper feces, scat, dung, manure and slang shit, poo, crap.

Most of the slang terms are considered vulgar to some degree. Variants of these terms take on different connotations: Bullshit is considered a strong statement and usually describes relative untruthfulness, wheras chickenshit usually a term used to describe a person is a derogatory. A scatologist is one who undertakes the academic and scientific study of feces.

This has application in many disciplines, chiefly anthropology, zoology, biology, and environmental sciences. In most cases, nonhuman feces are studied to learn about animals and their environments. Anthropologists study human feces if they survive often in fossilized form or within a body that has been preserved in some fashion , primarily to glean information about the diet or disease history of earlier humans.

In sexual practice, defecation and feces are eroticized in some instances. One type of scatological activity that is considered fairly common is anilingus, or licking the anus of a sexual partner commonly referred to as rimming.

Excremental Postcolonialism

Smith Author. Description Between two stools investigates the representation of scatology – humorous, carnivalesque, satirical, damning and otherwise – in English literature from the middle ages to the eighteenth century. While a number of recent publications have attempted to analyse the employment of scatology in literature, culture or the arts, they remain, to date, rare examples of a preparedness to discuss such material. This study is the first to consider the topic over such a long historical period, allowing a thorough and original exploration of its foundations and traditions.

Smith contends that the ‘two stools’ stand for two broadly distinctive attitudes towards scatology. The first is a carnivalesque, merry, even hearty disposition, typified by the writings of Chaucer and Shakespeare.

In this PacSci Podcast we learn about scatology and why maybe you should be watching for poop. It may be yucky, but it tells a story.

The most tender and altruistic acts of human compassion and care, especially with the very young and very old, deal with excrement. Take public housing. The burning flame of social idealism—the idea that the vocation of the architect and planner was to improve the life of working men and women—flickered and was sometimes quite put out by the harsh realities of managing the dirty clothes, the trash, and the effluent of high-density living.

In general, her survey confirms many tenets of modern folklore. The research is flawed in several respects and motivated by a passionate commitment to Thatcherite values of individuality, family, and self-interest as the only guardians of stability. Her research provides, nevertheless, an important stimulus to the analysis of housing from the point of view of lived experience rather than planned intentions.

She has little to say about the problems caused by such unplanned housing, which depended on urban sprawl and cheap land. The resulting long journey times to work, high public and private transport costs, and isolation from family and friends do not form part of her analysis. Her method necessarily focuses on the external symptoms of social malaise in housing rather than the direct human effects. The one directly human factor she does consider children taken into state care is the least convincing part of her case.

Nevertheless, she argues persuasively that housing design has been seriously flawed and that both architectural and municipal responses to housing problems have failed to identify the features that need to be corrected. The relationship between the architecture of housing and social behavior is intriguing. Broadwater Farm is a modern housing estate in London; it was awarded a prize by the Royal Institute of British Architects, and it was also the site of an ugly riot in which a young policeman was killed.

Of course, modern architects—not least Le Corbusier himself—have brought this on themselves by seeking to attribute to their designs wide-ranging social benefits.

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Scatologist synonyms, scatologist antonyms – FreeThesaurus. Related to scatologist: scatological , Scatalogical. References in periodicals archive? This essay will attempt such an account from a comparative literary perspective, a project inspired by the observation that excremental language and novelistic vitality intersect not only in Armah and Soyinka but in the works of celebrated scatologists James Joyce and Samuel Beckett.

A letter dated 5 November to Mozart’s cousin Maria Anna Thekla Mozart is an example of Mozart’s use of scatology. The German original is in rhymed.

Sound and effective wildlife management requires accurate scientific information about the ecology of a species. Carnivore feces have been used to study ecology of predators for decades Adrados et al. Since it is difficult to observe carnivores directly, elusive species are often studied using their signs such as scats Putman, , foot prints and hairs. For carnivores, monitoring techniques such as capturing, and handling can be often challenging and costly Gompper et al.

Furthermore, carnivore scats have also been used to investigate population genetics Adrados et al. However, visual identification of similar-sized carnivore scats based on morphology can be challenging Davison et al. Usually in the field carnivore scats are identified Field identification using morphological characteristics like diameter, length, physical appearance, color and odor Kamler et al.

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Recommend to librarian. Buy Rights to this title. Request a Review or Inspection Copy. Between two stools investigates the representation of scatology – humorous, carnivalesque, satirical, damning and otherwise – in English literature from the middle ages to the eighteenth century.

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Please refresh the page and retry. N othing says Christmas like Lionel Messi taking a dump. Their faces filled with wonder, they scan the shelves of figurines for their favourite cartoon character, sportsperson or singer, each lovingly rendered in clay, trousers round their ankles as they enjoy a satisfying bowel movement. Nowadays, however, these are vastly outnumbered by celebrities and politicians.

No well-known personality is immune, and both the King of Spain and the Pope are represented. Bestsellers reflect the year gone by. This year Justin Trudeau is proving popular, as is Greta Thunberg. T here are many theories about the origins of this faecal fun, which many believe symbolises both fertility and the contrast of the human and the divine — as the newborn son of God lies in his manger, one of his well-wishers needs urgently to answer the call of nature.

T he figures dates back centuries, and appear in paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries, though they only began to take an essential role in the nativity scene at the beginning of the 20th century. Although the caganer exists elsewhere in the Mediterranean, no one has embraced it quite as enthusiastically as the Catalans, famed for their scatological humour, which works its way into many a popular refrain.

In a time-honoured family ritual, the little darlings do this by thrashing their grinning benefactor with sticks, while singing the following cheery song:. T he festive traditions are not all fecal. This is another custom thought to date back centuries, when the llufa was more likely to be made from cabbage leaves or even rabbit skin. T he Roman god Janus is thought to be the inspiration behind this one, his two noses facing past and future symbolising the end of one year and beginning of the new, along with his reputation of playing fast and loose with the truth and fooling those who think they understand the game.

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