5 Reasons Dating The Nerdy Guy Will Always Make You Happy

We also have a chat, just for us. You first have to register here, then click on this link and join okchat. Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! Dating shy, nerdy guy: no kiss after several dates? I female, mid 20s have gone on three dates with a really sweet, attractive guy male, early 30s that I started talking to on okcupid about a month ago. We’re both pretty reserved people, him more so than me it seems I asked him out and asked for a second date – he asked for the third and fourth , and we slowly seem to be growing more comfortable with each other. The only kicker is that we haven’t had any real physical contact beyond hugs yet a mix of us both initiating.

10 Reasons Why Nerdy Guys Make Better Boyfriends

We hear a lot of ladies say dating a nerd guy is the best as he can easily make things smooth using his tech skills — nerds are the smart guys. So we will share the awkward side of dating a geek below:. Bees are always busy and so do the nerdy guys we know, they are more familiar with the computer and can complete the typing of a whole textbook without looking at the keyboard.

Nerdy guys are usually shy. Mar 30, ·. Texas Tech University As a girl from a small town in Texas, the thought of dating a guy that was a nerd was unthinkable.

Most girls have experienced it, but it’s not something we talk about much. When we chat about the guys we like, nerdy guys rarely come up. But when we think about the type of men who turn us on, it’s a completely different story. Geeky guys are hot, there’s no doubt about it. Their cute glasses, goofy outfits, offbeat sense of humor and their awkwardness are all endearing, not turn-offs. Especially when you realize that underneath the hopeless, shy exterior, every geek is a sexual beast just waiting to be unleashed.

But if you need any more persuading, here’s why you should join the world of geek dating, and ditch those muscle-bound meatheads for good. Sometimes, when you date “ordinary” guys with a healthy sex life, physical intimacy can seem like part of their routine.

Shy Male Nerds and the Bubble Strategy

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Like Chu, I’m also a nerdy man whose early childhood experiences with it also misses an important point that can help shy and nerdy men – if you act Yes, there are women who only date men to enhance their own status.

Written by David Darling. They were just a little bit “off”, fair game for exclusion and mockery. By the 80’s the nerd was becoming more defined, but no less disdained: socially inept possibly arrogant and caustic rather than shy utterly uninterested in mainstream pursuits fashion, girls, sports obsessed by their own mysterious passions comics, technology, theatre. The rise of tech billionaires, and TBBT, have brought nerd guys to the brink of coolness. They’re not all happy about their new status, and the swelling ranks of geek-wannabes.

If you’re dating a true nerd quiz , he’s likely to contemptuously dismiss fake-nerds. My wife thinks I’m a geek. Rather than the stereotype above, I prefer to think of my fellow geeks as people who are intensely alive , open-minded, unconventional and authentic. And apparently we’re good in the sack too! So, how do you handle a relationship with a nerdy guy? Use these comments as a place to start but, as always, you’ll need to work it out for yourself.

Make an effort to really know the person rather than the label.

Blend Brains and Kinkiness by Dating the Nerd of Your Dreams

Fortunately, you have Dr. NerdLove to guide you. Geeks spend a lot of time lost in their own heads, which allows for the development of a rich imagination and a shocking level of creativity. A geek boyfriend will surprise you with his imaginative gifts and out-of-the-ordinary dates and experiences. Geeks are very cerebral creatures.

Whenever they’re out they seemed too shy interacting with people, and this will make every girl dating a shy nerd guy not to be happy in the public. He probably​.

So here is my problem: I likes me some shy, nerdy guys, but they will never initiate a conversation with me. I have no problem taking the initiative no fear, no tact, and no shame, really , but if I try to talk to them I tend to get fear signals back: stuttering, twitching, averted eyes, etc. You may also engage in the second-favorite passtime, which is nitpicking my grammar and spelling, if you feel the need. None of your first-favorite stuff in here, though.

This is a family thread. It just takes longer with some people. What kind of signals do you send out? Have you tried actually touching them? It sounds too bold, but as a non-terminally shy guy, having a girl put her hand on, say, my forearm relaxes me quite a bit. That is good advice. You just want to get past the initial barricade, not into the dungeon.

Oh, and keep at it.

Your Guide to Picking Up Geek Guys

My very first boyfriend, Stonefist Murderew not his real name—his Dungeons Dragons moniker , was a proud member of our school’s computer club. And the mathletes. Stonefist was an underweight nerd who collected Japanese comic books. Love is simple in high school “You like ketchup on your fries? Me, too! And for about three years, that’s what he was.

Apr 16, – This is about that shy nerdy guy in your office who dreams of dating that beautiful coworker that never even notices him.

If you want to find a nerdy girl, you can always go girl your passion takes you and find girl one reasons calls out to your heart. She may superstar sitting there reading a you book or being a social butterfly while spreading the girl about her favorite project. She wants the same things. She wants to find someone nice, who she can spend time with, bonding on a deeper level. So, just be yourself and find the nerdy girl of your dreams, because she is out there waiting for you.

Like really wide. Seeing someone show pure love date awe for something they are passionate superstar is a reward in itself. Mocking people for the little things the love just makes you bitter. Seeing a nerdy girl show you why she reasons the sites she does nerdy just breathtaking. The girls cannot be squeezed into stereotypical boxes. They are not antisocial.

11 Reasons You Should Definitely Date a Nerdy Guy

Here are 10 reasons why you should take a break from dating jerks , and start giving geekier guys a chance. Whether their room is decked out with action figures or movie posters, geeks are usually very passionate about what they love, and that adoration will more than translate when it comes to you. Your geek will more than happy to have you, and will be less likely to take you for granted, cheat, or treat you badly.

Doing a little research and picking him up a new geek gadget, or joining him and braving a comic-book-inspired movie are simple, little things that are sure to brighten his day. Nerds are usually sensitive and have a huge soft side, which means they can be very romantic. That not only leads to more cuddling and melt-worthy gestures, but fireworks in the bedroom too.

I want to help you with this series of articles on dating for (male, hetero) I believe that, just as there are shy, nerdy men, there are also shy.

Totally agree 😀 – that’s what I’d really like. Like not just sit around all day, but has his own unique hobbies, and friends, but we have things in common. I really find intellectual type guys to be the most attractive, so even if he’s a computer whiz who’d rather play COD then go out all the time – I’d be totally fine with that. Well you sound like a great girl that any guy would be lucky to have.

That is exactly what I’ve been looking for my whole life. I have finally found someone like that, now I just have to break it to her that I love her as more than a friend. If only life were as simple as that. You will find the type of guy that you’re looking for. I guarantee it. Awe I’m very happy for you and I wish you all the best for that blossoming relationship : thanks very much, I really hope so too. Yea that’s what I worried the impression I was giving to the shy guys around men.

Just let this be known first and foremost whenever you decide to date a shy nerdy guy. If you don’t tell him, he just assumes the worst. Not one for sneaking around, and I prefer to be upfront about everything anyway.

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